The Association Pro ISSI supports the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) in Bern by means of public relations activities in Switzerland for space research in general and for ISSI specifically by organizing events for its members.

A special concern of the Association relates to conveying the fascination of space research to the younger generation. To this end, high schools are addressed to present visions and opportunities for a professional engagement in the field of space.

Areas of Interest

According to its scope, the Association's scientific areas of interest are those covered by ISSI, taking, however, due note of the Association's complementary mission to convey excerpts of ISSI's scientific program to non-experts in the field in an easily understandable language and to offer its members access to ISSI's scientific program.

The current areas of interest cover the following topics:
- Cosmology (the formation of the Universe)
- The Solar System
(the formation of the Solar System incl. the Heliosphere, the Magnetosphere and Planetology)
- The influence of extraterrestrial phenomena on Earth's climate
- Specific topics in the field of Earth Sciences
- Astrobiology
- Methods of interpreting the results of space science missions