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From Cargese School 2016 - Astrophysical Jets
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Abstracts of the accepted Student's Contributions (talks and posters)

File:Students abstracts list.pdf

Student's presentations

  • B. Marcote: «Characterizing the outflows in the gamma-ray binary LS I +61 303 through low-frequency radio observations» File:Cargese marcote.pdf
  • P. Medvedev: « Thermal X-ray emission from a baryonic jet: a self- consistent multicolour spectral model » File:Medvedev.pdf
  • A. Tinoco: « A jet ejected by a young O star, which is embedded in an HII region » File:ArturoTinoco.pdf
  • C. Singh: « Spatial Growth of Current-driven Instability in Relativistic Rotating Jets and the Search for Magnetic Reconnection » File:Chandra cargese 16.pdf