From Cargese School 2016 - Astrophysical Jets
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The goal of the school is to gather the experts of the different astrophysical objects/scenarios, linked by the fact that they work on physical models explaining the high-energy radiation from relativistic sources. They will illustrate their different approaches to such a common problem, and will stimulate the young scientists to provide the link that is currently under-exploited among the different communities.

The school will be organised in lectures that will last at maximum two hours in a row, with some sessions split into separate lectures on several days, if needed. Each session will be self-contained, and there will be room for questions and discussions after each lecture. Some time will be available for short (15 min) presentations given by the school participants, and a poster session will be foreseen.

The school will take place at the Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargese ( on the coast of Corsica, France. The number of participants will be limited to 80, and the students will be hosted mainly at the Instiute, in double rooms. The fee will include the housing, the coffee and tea breaks, the lunches, the social dinner and the social activities. A reduction of the fees will be granted to students, who have limited funding, on a best effort basis.