ISSI and Earth Science

Though initially predominantly focussed on Sun-Earth relations, space plasma physics and planetary research, ISSI, has in the past years also addressed Earth Science subjects including Workshops on Solar Variability and Climate, the Earth Gravity Field, Atmospheric Electricity etc. It has also hosted International Teams addressing Earth related projects (e.g.:Assimilation of Envisat data, Aerosols-Clouds precipitation, Atmospheric Water Vapour etc).

In 2007 ISSI entered into a contractual relation with the Earth Observation Programmes Directorate of ESA, and set up a programme, funded by ESRIN (ESA center for Earth Observation) and managed within ISSI, focussed on the IPY (International Polar Year) and related Living Planet topics.
This international and interdisciplinary programme, encompasses the 2008-2010 period. It is structured in two phases, of 16 and 20 months respectively. The components of this programme are IPY projects, International Living Planet Teams, Workshops and FORUM.

The main objective of ISSI is to provide the ground for international and interdisciplinary activities in order to achieve a better underestanding on the various Earth system components and their interrelations. The Programme has now entered Phase 2. The proposals in the domain of Earth Sciences have been received in response to the 2009 Annual Call by ISSI. These were evaluated and prioritized by the Science Committee at its meeting on the 10-12 June 2009.


Last update: 8 March 2012