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April 2016

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Science Committee Meeting at ISSI Beijing for the first time
ISSI's Science Committee (SC) has been shared between ISSI and ISSI-BJ since 2013. It consists of internationally renowned scientists, and their duties include the evaluation of international team proposals, and advising the Directorates of ISSI and ISSI-BJ on future workshops, working groups, forums, and on policy matters. For the first time, the SC meeting will be held at ISSI-BJ in late May. The Directorates would like to take the opportunity to thank all the Science Committee members for their dedication and professionalism in serving the committee in such a constructive and exemplary way.

Two Post-Doctoral Positions open in Space and Earth Sciences
ISSI invites applications for Two Post-Doctoral Positions for a two-year period starting in October 2016 or by agreement. One of the two positions is in Space Sciences, the other is in Earth Sciences. The successful candidates should have received a Ph.D. within the last five years in a field relating to either Space or Earth Sciences in general. All applications must be received by ISSI no later than July 31st, 2016.

Complete Job Description

MiARD (Multi-Instrument Analysis of Rosetta Data)

The Kick-Off Meeting of the recently approved MiARD Project took place in March in Bern. MiARD (Multi Instrument Analysis of Rosetta Data) is an EU Horizon 2020 Project, led by the University of Bern, with involvement of ISSI as well as participants in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. This project aims to enhance the already planned activities related to Rosetta data analysis. ISSI will in particular be involved in issues relating to dust emission from comets, with a view to better understanding the hazard posed to spacecraft by the dust. In addition, ISSI will participate in activities relating to dissemination of the outputs of the Rosetta mission both to the general public and to the science community.

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Consistency of Integrated Observing Systems Monitoring the Energy Flows in the Earth System (ISSI Working Group)

This Working Group under the leadership of K. von Schuckmann published their results in a Nature Paper and a detailed report:

An Imperative to Monitor Earth's Energy Imbalance

Working Group Report

Announcement of Opportunity For New Science Ideas in ESA's Science Programme

This Call is released by the ESA Science Programme. Through this Call the Director of Science solicits from the broad scientific community proposals for the competitive selection of new "Science Ideas", to be investigated in terms of feasibility and needed technology developments. Interested parties planning to submit a proposal are required to send a mandatory Letter of Intent by 9th May and will be invited to attend a briefing meeting on 1st June (date TBC) at ESAC. The present Call is open to science ideas in all areas of Space Science. No limitations to the science goals addressed are imposed on the proposals.

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30th Anniversary: Giotto Encounters Halley Comet

ESA's first deep space mission, Giotto was designed to help solve the mysteries surrounding Comet Halley by passing as close as possible to the comet's nucleus, which it achieved on 13 March 1986. No-one expected the spacecraft to survive its battering from comet dust during this encounter, but although Giotto was damaged during the flyby, most of its instruments remained operational. Halley's Comet (1P/Halley) is a short-period comet visible from Earth every 75-76 years. On this occasion Prof. Roger-Maurice Bonnet, the ESA Director of the Scientific Programme, back in 1986, proposed a contest. The contest was to ask children aged no more than 10 years old from all ESA member states (numbering 11 at that time, half of today’s number) to prepare and send to ESA a drawing or a painting illustrating what in their mind this encounter did inspire. ESA received 25 paintings and drawings. All pictures can be now found on a special web page.

Complete Picture Gallery

New Publications

Space Science Series of ISSI


Volume 55: Remote Sensing Water Resources

edited by A. Cazenave, N. Champollion, J. Benveniste, J. Chen

Reprinted from Surveys in Geophysics Volume 37, Issue 2, 2016

The book is also available as eBook.

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Pro ISSI Talk "The New Magnetic Picture of the World: What tell us the CHAMP and Swarm Satellites?"
with Hermann Lühr on June 8, 2016

Der Verein Pro ISSI organisiert regelmässig Referate mit führenden Persönlichkeiten aus der Wissenschaft. Der nächste Vortrag findet am 8. Juni 2016, 18.15 Uhr, am ISSI statt. Hermann Lühr (Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ, Potsdam, D) wird zum Thema "The New Magnetic Picture of the World: What tell us the CHAMP and Swarm Satellites?" referieren. Der Vortrag ist in englischer Sprache.

The Association Pro ISSI hosts regular events for its members inviting leading personalities of the science community to present scope and results of their activities. Next Lecture will take place on 8 June 2016, 18h15 at ISSI. Hermann Lühr will give a public talk on "The New Magnetic Picture of the World: What tell us the CHAMP and Swarm Satellites?". The presentation is in English.

More Information about the Pro ISSI Association

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