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February 2014

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Call for International Team Proposals 2014

The purpose of this Call is to invite proposals for study projects from International Teams. Teams are one of the ISSI tools, through which relatively small groups of scientists involved in Space Research can work together in an efficient and flexible format of several subsequent meetings, during which data are analysed and compared with theories and models.
This Call is jointly made by ISSI and ISSI-BJ for the first time.
Successful applicants for International Teams can organize all or part of their team meetings either in Bern or in Beijing, but the applicants are required to show the “added value” of ISSI or ISSI-BJ in the applications. The applicants are, therefore, required to indicate clearly if they are applying for ISSI and/or for ISSI-BJ. These proposals are evaluated and selected by the ISSI Science Committee in May 2014.

Deadline for submission to ISSI: March 31, 2014

Call for Team Proposals 2014

New Publications

Space Science Series of ISSI

Microphyscs of Cosmic Plasmas  

Volume 47: Microphysics of Cosmic Plasmas

edited by

A. Balogh, A. Bykov, P. Cargill, R. Dendy, T. Dudok de Wit, J. Raymond

ISBN 978-1-4899-7412-9

Reprinted from Space Science Reviews Volume 178, 1-4, 2013

More Information

SPATIUM Magazine

Mirages in the Universe  

Volume 32: Mirages in the Universe

by Georges Meylan

Download pdf Version


Job Announcement ISSI Beijing
Editorial and Meeting Assistant

The International Space Science Institute in Beijing is seeking an Editorial and Meeting Assistant to support its activities.

Detailed information can be found in the Job Description .

Blazing a Trail in Search of the Secrets of Comets
ESA Euronews

For centuries astronomers have chased comets across the skies, looking for clues as to the origins of our solar system. Tugged from deep-space by the gravity of the sun, they shed dust and gas as they warm, revealing some of their secrets within.

Watch the Movie on Euronews Channel

Upcoming Pro ISSI Talk
"Surprises in the Hard X-ray Sky"

Der Verein Pro ISSI organisiert regelmässig Referate mit führenden Persönlichkeiten aus der Wissenschaft. Der nächste Vortrag findet am 19. März 2014, um 18.15 Uhr, am ISSI statt. Thierry Courvoisier (Integral Science Data Centre, Versoix, CH) wird zum Thema "Surprises in the Hard X-ray Sky" referieren. Der Vortrag ist in englischer Sprache.

The Association Pro ISSI hosts regular events for its members inviting leading personalities of the science community to present scope and results of their activities. Next Lecture will take place on 19 March 2014, 18h15 at ISSI. Thierry Courvoisier, (Integral Science Data Centre, Versoix, Switzerland) will give a public talk on "Surprises in the Hard X-ray Sky".

Abstract of the Pro ISSI talk

Alpbach Summer School 2014
"Space Missions for Geophysics of the Terrestrial Planets"

The Summer School Alpbach enjoys 37 years of tradition in providing in-depth teaching on different topics of space science and technology, featuring lectures and concentrated working sessions on mission studies in self-organized working groups. 60 young highly qualified European science and engineering students converge annually for stimulating 10 days of work in Alpbach/Tyrol in the Austrian Alps. The 2014 Summer School Alpbach will focus on "Space Missions for Geophysics of the Terrestrial Planets" and will be held from 15 to 24 July 2014.

Application forms have to be returned before March 31, 2014.

Webpage of the Alpbach Summer School

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