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ISSI Director for Astrophysics and Cosmology
The new ISSI part time Director for Astrophysics and Cosmology, Professor Joachim Wambsganss, Director of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut (ARI), Heidelberg, and full Professor of the Universität Heidelberg (Germany) started his function as of 1st of October 2017. We are happy to welcome him as a new member of the ISSI staff.

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Formation of Magma Oceans on Exoplanets

The ISSI Team working on "The Early Evolution of the Atmospheres of Earth, Venus, and Mars" (led by C. Johnstone) studies the atmospheric formation of these planets and what they can teach us about habitability beyond our solar system. In a study in Nature Astronomy led by Kristina Kislyakova, team members from Austria, Belgium, and Germany combined expertise to study magnetic heating of the interiors of Earth-like planets in the TRAPPIST-1 star system. They found the heating causes processes that were crucial for the formation of the Earth's atmosphere, such as volcanic activity, are likely to be massively enhanced, having important impacts on the atmospheric formation.

Nature Astronomy Article

Dust Devils 

edited by 

D. Reiss, R. Lorenz, M. Balme, L. Neakrase, A.P. Rossi, A. Spiga, J. Zarnecki

Space Sciences Series of ISSI, Volume 59

This volume reviews both historical and current studies of desert whirlwinds called dust devils on Earth and Mars. These include field measurements, orbital observations, modelling of dust devil formation and structure, studies of their population and statistics, and their atmospheric and climate impact. Dust devils have captivated humankind since antiquity, and yet also assume importance in that most modern of activities, planetary exploration. The close investigation of the planet Mars by an armada of spacecraft in the last couple of decades has stimulated extensive research on these desert whirlwinds, supported by improvements in field instrumentation on Earth, laboratory experiments and powerful numerical simulations.

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Air Pollution in Eastern Asia:
An Integrated Perspective 


edited by 

I. Bouarar, X. Wang, G.P. Brasseur

ISSI Scientific Report Series, Volume 16

This book, written by an international group of experts from China, Europe and the USA, presents a broad and comprehensive analysis of the chemical and meteorological processes responsible for the formation of air pollutants in eastern Asia, and in particularfor the development of severe pollution episodes observed primarily during winter in the northeastern part of China. With the rapid population growth, economic development and urbanization occurring in Asia, air pollution has become a major environmental problem in this part of the world. 
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Solar Magnetic Fields: From Measurements Towards Understanding

Space Science Reviews 210, 1-4, September 2017

All papers resulted from the corresponding Workshop held at ISSI in January 2015.


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Data Assimilation in Carbon/Biogeochemical Cycles: Consistent Assimilation of Multiple Data Streams (BG/ACP/GMD Inter-Journal SI)

edited by M. Scholze, M. Heimann, V. Brovkin, C. Sierra, C. Gerbig

Special issue jointly organized between Biogeosciences, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, and Geoscientific Model Development

This publication is an outcome of the ISSI Working Group on “Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation: How to Consistently Assimilate Multiple Data Streams”. 

Table of Contents

Annual Report 2016 / 2017


The Annual Report summarizes the activities, publications, financial overview of the 22nd ISSI business year.

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Pro ISSI Talk
Giant Planets Exploration and the Cassini Legacy 
Pro ISSI talk with Michel Blanc, ISSI Beijing, China
Livestream starting 18:15h CET  (1st November 2017)
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Lorentz Centre Workshop

A Workshop at the Lorentz Center in the Netherlands, 26 February – 2 March 2018, will address “The Solar Sources of GeV Gamma-rays”. The idea for the Workshop emerged during the discussions of the ISSI Team on "Energetic Ions: The Elusive Component of Solar Flares" (led by A. MacKinnon) that met during 2016/2017 and this Workshop will provide a further opportunity to discuss some of the questions raised by the Fermi-LAT observations, drawing on expertise from across the solar physics community.
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