ISSI Related Publications

Listed are all books written, co-authored or edited by ISSI staff members. To order a hard copy please get in touch with Andrea Fischer.

  Cosmogenic Radionuclides >>
Theory and Applications in the Terrestrial and Space Environments
by Jürg Beer, Ken McCracken, and Rudolf von Steiger
ISBN 978-3-642-14650-3, published in February 2012

Surviving 1,000 Centuries. Can we do it? >>
by Roger-Maurice Bonnet and Lodewijk Woltjer
ISBN 978-0-387-74633-3, published in 2008

  The Fascination of Space Science >>
edited by Hansjörg Schlaepfer
ISBN 978-3-86727-754-9, published in 2008

The Century of Space Science >>
edited by
Johan A.M. Bleeker, Johannes Geiss, Martin C.E. Huber
ISBN 0-7923-7196-8, 2 Volumes, published in 2001