ISSI Related Publications

Listed are all books written, co-authored or edited by ISSI staff members. To order a hard copy please get in touch with Andrea Fischer.


Data Assimilation in Carbon/Biogeochemical Cycles: Consistent Assimilation of Multiple Data Streams (BG/ACP/GMD Inter-Journal SI) >>

edited by M. Scholze, M. Heimann, V. Brovkin, C. Sierra, C. Gerbig

Special issue jointly organized between Biogeosciences, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, and Geoscientific Model Development

This publication is an outcome of the ISSI Working Group on “Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation: How to Consistently Assimilate Multiple Data Streams”. 

  Cosmogenic Radionuclides >>
Theory and Applications in the Terrestrial and Space Environments
by Jürg Beer, Ken McCracken, and Rudolf von Steiger
ISBN 978-3-642-14650-3, published in February 2012

Surviving 1,000 Centuries. Can we do it? >>
by Roger-Maurice Bonnet and Lodewijk Woltjer
ISBN 978-0-387-74633-3, published in 2008

  The Fascination of Space Science >>
edited by Hansjörg Schlaepfer
ISBN 978-3-86727-754-9, published in 2008

The Century of Space Science >>
edited by
Johan A.M. Bleeker, Johannes Geiss, Martin C.E. Huber
ISBN 0-7923-7196-8, 2 Volumes, published in 2001