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The Spatium magazine containing the lectures of the Association Pro ISSI in a form that is easily understandable by using attractive visual information. Electronic editions as pdf-files can be downloaded with clicking on the title.

No. 44 "Solar Magnetic Activity with Lessons from Stars and Exoplanets"

by Karel Schrijver

PDF Version >>


No. 43 "Exploring Earth's Magnetic Field - Three make a SWARM" >>

by Nils Olsen

published in June 2019


No. 42: "Giant Planet Exploration - a Journey to Saturn" >>

by Michel Blanc

published in October 2018


No. 41: Extrasolar Planets - Confronting the Theory of Planet Formation with Observations >>

by Christoph Mordasini

published in May 2018


No.40: CaSSIS: A Swiss Camera Goes to Mars >>

by Nicolas Thomas

published in November 2017


No. 39: Gravitational Waves - The Sound of the Dark Universe >>

by Karsten Danzmann

published in May 2017


No. 38: The Moon That Thinks It's a Planet >>

by John Zarnecki

published in October 2016

The Violent Universe

No. 37: The Violent Universe >>

by Thierry Courvoisier

published in May 2016

Origin and Evolution of Planetary Atmospheres

No. 36: Origin and Evolution of Planetary Atmospheres >>

by Helmut Lammer

published in November 2015


No. 35: Volcanism in the Solar System >>

by Ralf Jaumann

published in May 2015



Further Publications

No. 34: How Earth Observation and Super-Computers Have Made Global Weather Prediction Possible >>
by Lennart Bengtsson
published in October 2014
No. 33: Pluto and its Cohorts >>
by Hermann Boehnhardt
published in March 2014
No. 32: Mirages in The Universe >>
by Georges Meylan
published in November 2013
No. 31: Earth Gravity From Space >>
by Reiner Rummel
published in May 2013
No. 30: Planets and Life >>
by Tilman Spohn
published in October 2012
No. 29: Mysterious Mercury >>
by Peter Wurz
published in May 2012
No. 28: How Black are Black Holes? >>
by Maurizio Falanga
published in December 2011
No. 27: Science First >>
by Hansjörg Schlaepfer
published in September 2011
No. 26: Spaceship Earth >>
by Roger-Maurice Bonnet
published in May 2011
No. 25: Climate Change >>
by Thomas Stocker
published in July 2010
No. 24 Cosmic Visions >>
summary of a talk by David Southwood in March 2009, edited by Hansjörg Schlaepfer
published in February 2010
No. 23 Meteorites >>
by Beda Hofmann
published in February 2009
No. 22 Solar Magnetism - Discovery and Investigation >>
by Eugene Parker
published in August 2008
No. 21 The Earth's Ozone Layer >>
by Yasmine Calisesi
published in February 2008
No. 20 What the Universe Consists of:
From Luminous to Dark Matter and Quintessence >>

by Uwe Jens Wiese
published in November 2007
No. 19 4440: A Secret Number in Astronomy >>
by Giovanni Fabrizio Bignami
published in August 2007
No. 18 Einstein in Bern: The Great Legacy >>
by Thomas H. Zurbuchen, Rudolf von Steiger and Brian Grimm
published in February 2007
No. 17 The Heliosphere: Empire of the Sun >>
by André Balogh
published in October 2006
No. 16 Astrobiology >>
by Oliver Botta
published in July 2006
No. 15 Titan and the Huygens Mission >>
by Nicolas G.M. Thomas
published in November 2005
No. 14 Grundlagen der Physik im extrasterrestrischen Test >>
by Martin C.E. Huber
published in June 2005
No. 13 Woher kommen Kohlenstoff, Eisen und Uran? >>
Rudolf von Steiger
published in October 2004
No. 12 Ten Years Hubble Space Telescope >>
by Roger-Maurice Bonnet
published in June 2004
No. 11 Cosmic Rays >>
by Hansjörg Schläpfer
published in November 2003
No. 10 Satellite Navigation Systems for Earth and Space Sciences >>
by Gerhard Beutler
published in June 2003
No. 9 The Fourfold Way Through the Magnetosphere: The Cluster Mission >>
by Götz Paschmann
published in June 2002
No. 8 Sun and Climate >>
by Jürg Beer
published in November 2001
No. 7 In Search of the Dark Matter in the Universe >>
by Klaus Pretzl
published in May 2007
No. 6 From Dust to Planets >>
by Willy Benz
published in October 2000
No. 5 Earth, Moon and Mars >>
by Johannes Geiss
published in June 2000 (out of print)
No. 4 Kometen als Schwerpunkt der europäischen Weltraumforschung >>
by Kathrin Altwegg-von Burg
published in October 1999
No. 3 Birth, Age and the Future of the Universe >>
by Gustav Andreas Tammann
published in May 1999
No. 2 Das neue Bild der Sonne >>
by Rudolf von Steiger
published in November 1998 (out of print)
No. 1 Entstehung des Universums >>
by Johannes Geiss
published in April 1998


4440: A Secret Number in Astronomy