multiple AGN activity
Projects & Proposals

ISSI2013_DeRosa.pdf submitted to the ISSI call

Approved observational proposals

XMM-AO15:Unveiling multiple AGN in galaxy mergers
(PI Alessandra De Rosa)

XMM-AO15: The brightest AGN pairs in a sample of galaxy mergers
(PI Nora Loiseau)

VLA:  A systematic study of multiple AGN systems in the local Universe 
(PI Ruben Herrero-Illana) 

EVN: Flat/inverted-spectrum doubles: the best dual-AGN candidates? 
(PI. Zsolt. Paragi)

MUSE:  Unveiling the cause for the enhanced activity in the nearby compact galaxy group SDSS J0959+1259 (PI Bernd Husemann)

Target list has been obtained from the Arp-Madore Catalogue of Southern Peculiar Galaxies, among the interacting system of all categories: doubles, triples, quartets and quintets.



People: Bernd Husemann (ESO) on behalf of the ISSI Team
GAMA contact person: Jochen Liske (ESO)
Project 1: "The incidence of double-peaked AGN and their host galaxy properties”. 
Goal: The aim of this project is to obtain a complete census of double-peaked AGN within the entire GAMA spectroscopic sample.

Project 2: "Environmental dependence of nuclear activity and the incidence of AGN pairs"
Goal: The aim of this project is to create a complete sample of AGN in GAMA and quantify any dependence of nuclear activity on environment and galaxy separation.
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