Our team will meet three times. All our meetings will take place at ISSI in Bern.

First meeting

Date: 28th-30th September, 2016

Agenda: In the first meeting, the three major groups of the team (astrophysicists – atmospheric physicists – geophysicists/geochemists) will first summarize the present knowledge about the “Early Earth” and the young stages of Venus and Mars, focusing on topics laid out in the proposal. Then the relevant open questions will be described and discussed in an interdisciplinary way. Finally, we will devote time to defining action items towards a first set of calculations/simulations on magma oceans/outgassing/secondary atmospheres/atmospheric loss requiring input from all areas. We will discuss plans towards a review article on the topic.

(For team members, click here for talk slides)

Second meeting

Date: 28-31, March, 2017

Agenda: In the second meeting, the team summarised the topics discussed in the first meeting, focusing on scenarios for the formation and evolution of the Earth’s atmosphere. Of particular interest was the evolution of molecular nitrogen. We then spent time discussing plans for the following meeting and the work that we want to do.

Third meeting

Date: Late 2017/Early 2018 (preliminary)

Agenda: In the third meeting, we will discuss the generalization of our approaches to include any type of terrestrial planets, including known rocky exoplanets in or close to habitable zones. We will also further vary models of interiors and compositions of assumed atmospheres. This should lead to general publications about early evolution of habitability.