Scientific Objectives

The current proposal builds upon the success of ISSI team 314. The aim of this proposal is to advance our understanding of the global structure of prominences and the mechanisms responsible for their destabilization. Recent studies have shown that the very common Large-Amplitude Oscillations (LAOs) in prominences open a new window into prominence structure by means of large-amplitude prominence seismology, which combines observations and theoretical modeling of LAOs. Using this technique, key physical properties of prominences can be inferred that are not accessible through other approaches. In addition, many filament eruptions are observed to be preceded or accompanied by LAOs, for reasons that remain obscure. The expected achievements of this new international Team are to understand: a) the global evolution of the morphology of solar filaments over the solar cycle, by continuing the in-progress survey and analysis of LAOs in solar cycle 24, b) the mechanisms responsible for triggering LAOs, and c) the internal processes in an eruption, by studying the relation of such processes with LAOs.

Full proposal submitted to ISSI