ISSI Chromospheric Flares


Solar flares are the most energetic energy release events in the solar system. The majority of energy radiated from a flare originates in the solar chromosphere, the dynamic interface between the Sun’s photosphere and corona, and it is only by thoroughly probing the flare chromosphere that we can understand the way in which flare energy is transmitted and dissipated. Over the last few years, observations have become available which provide new constraints on energy deposition, and new tests for the flare models. Advanced numerical simulations can be run which, together with the observations, can constrain the energy input and dissipation during the flare. High quality spectroscopy of flare stars provides diagnostic information not currently available for the Sun, although without any spatial resolution which only solar observations can provide.

This International Team will take advantage of the present confluence of high quality chromospheric flare observations and sophisticated numerical simulation techniques to push forward on well-focused questions in flare chromospheric physics

- Flare continuum emission

- Footpoint density and temperature structure

  1. -Flare modeling

  2. -Coupling of chromosphere to an overlying loop structure

  3. -Preparation for new instruments and missions

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