1st meeting

1st Meeting from April 11 to 15, 2016ISSI_
MONDAY 11 afternoon
Nikos Prantzos : Short introduction, presentation of the meeting
Georges Meynet : Physics and composition of massive star winds

TUESDAY 12 morning
Bob Binns : Observed and source composition of GCR
Don Ellison : Elementary composition of GCRs

TUESDAY 12 afternoon
Elena Amato : Cosmic rays from SN in RSG winds
Martin Pohl : CR acceleration in SN remnants

WEDNESDAY 13 morning
Vikram Dwarkadas : Hydrodynamics of SN environment and CRs
Vincent Tatischeff : Nucleosynthetic signatures of CRs in SN remnants

WEDNESDAY 13 afternoon
Andrei Bykov : Cosmic rays in starbursts and superbubbles
Nikos Prantzos : The Ne22/Ne20 GCR source ratio : a clue to the origin of GCRs and the role of GCR composition for the origin of the light elements LiBeB

THURSDAY 14 morning
Vladimir Ptuskin : TBD
Giovanni Morlino : Interaction of CR with molecular clouds

THURSDAY 14 afternoon
Isabelle Cherchneff : Dust in SN and the ISM Andrii Neronov : Abundance of isotope59 Fe,Co,Ni) and GCR origin