1st Meeting:

The first meeting is scheduled to take place on January 22-26, 2018.

Preliminary programme

– Each morning will start with 3-4 contributed science talks by participants (each 15 minutes + questions).
– We will reserve ~2 hours each afternoon for break-out sessions in subgroups (e.g. for coding/hacking, working on papers, gathering and preparing data products we want to make available to the community).

Monday January 22:
Morning: – Introductions
– Update on Gaia DR2 data and plans.
Afternoon: – Update on catalogue of global GC properties (led by Eduardo)
– Plans for catalogue of individual stars (led by Elena?)

Tuesday January 23:
– Planning and discussions for spectroscopic follow-up of Gaia observations for GCs
– Draft/outline of spectroscopic follow-up proposal(s) (led by Mark).

Wednesday January 24:
– Continue Tuesday’s spectroscopic follow-up discussions and proposal preparation.

Thursday January 25:
– Morning: continue spectroscopic follow-up proposal preparation.
– Afternoon: Gaia DR2 science projects/brainstorm

Friday January 26:
– Wrap up and assign actions/tasks ahead of proposal(s) submission, Gaia DR2, and next meeting.


2nd Meeting:

A second team meeting will follow the next data release of the Gaia satellite, exact dates TBD.