Meetings & Location

The first meeting will take place on February 12-16, 2018.

Administrative issues:  Alexandra Lehmann (, will make a block booking in the hotels in Bern with which ISSI has an agreement. It is very important to do that early enough. Alexandra deals with all administrative matters (accommodation, letter of invitation for those requiring a visa, etc).

Confirmation of attendance: Team members are asked to make direct contact with Alexandra Lehmann ( in order to give detailed accommodation requirements (day/time of arrival/departure, single/double room, car parking needs, etc) and, if applicable, requests connected with visas for Switzerland. Participants will find the address, telephone number, as well as a city map of Bern showing the location of the hotel, the train station and ISSI on our web site Participants who may prefer to make
their own accommodation arrangements should specifically inform Alexandra

Travel costs and per diem: At ISSI, team members will fill in forms for the purpose of
per diem reimbursement. Travel costs will only be reimbursed to the Leader,
unless she/he renounces it in favour of another member.
During the stay in Bern each member will get a per diem for meals of CHF 35.- for
lunch and CHF 35.- for dinner. Breakfast is included in the hotel fees. The hotel is
paid directly by ISSI. (NASA scientists having specific administrative rules should
contact Alexandra Lehmann). Participants will get the per diem by bank transfer, so
would each participant please provide the IBAN code together with the exact
address of one’s own bank.

Local guide: