Our Team

September 2018

May 2017

  • David Burgess (Queen Mary University of London, UK) Simulations and theory of shocks and instabilities relevant to the LISM
  • Maciej Bzowski (Space Research Center, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland) Theory, simulations, and observations of the LISM; IBEX observations
  • Iver Cairns (University of Sydney, Australia) Theory and simulations of waves, shocks, and instabilities in the LISM.
  • Alan Cummings, (California Institute of Technology, USA) representing the Voyager mission, observations of galactic cosmic rays
  • Vladimir Florinski, (University of Alabama, Huntsville, USA) simulations, theory, and observations of the heliosphere and cosmic-rays, and turbulent magnetic fields
  • Gwenael Giacinti, (Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg, Germany) simulations, theory, and observations of TeV-PeV cosmic-ray anisotropies and their relation to interstellar turbulence
  • Joe Giacalone, (University of Arizona, USA) theory and simulations of particle transport in turbulent magnetic fields
  • Vladislav Izmodenov, (Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia) simulations of the heliosphere and interactions with the VLISM
  • Lan Jian, (Goddard Space Flight Center, USA) Voyager observations of magnetic fields in the LISM
  • R. Jokipii, (University of Arizona, USA) theory of turbulence, interstellar medium, cosmic-ray transport
  • Martin Pohl, (University of Potsdam, Germany) theory, simulations, and observations of galactic cosmic rays
  • Eric Zirnstein, (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, USA) IBEX observations of the LISM.