First meeting:            8-12 January 2018

Participants: Jorge L. Chau, Alexander Kozlovsky, Renata Lukianova, Denise Thorsen, Masaki Tsutsumi, Juha Vierinen, Ryan Volz
Gunter Stober (via Skype on 11 Jan.)


Jorge L. Chau
1. “MMARIA CW Plans 2016-2017”
2. “Using LOFAR to explore the MLT region in multi-static radar configurations: Preliminary results using KAIRA”
3. “Observations of Aurora radar echoes with specular meteor radars”

Alexander Kozlovsky
1. “Mesospheric temperature estimation from meteor decay times during Geminids meteor shower”
2. “Meteor radar echoes during pulsating aurora”
3. “Meteor radar observations of effects of dust in the mesosphere”

Renata Lukianova
1. “Temperature and wind perturbations in the auroral MLT region”
2. “Recognition of meteor showers from the heights of ionization trails”

Denise Thorsen
“Momentum Flux Measurement Techniques: An Historic Perspective”

Masaki Tsutsumi
1. “Anomalous ambipolar diffusion observed using meteor radars in northern high latitudes”
2. “Atmospheric gravity wave study based on meteor temperature”

Juha Vierinen
“Coded continuous wave meteor radar”

Ryan Volz
1. “Meteor wind fields calculated using Gaussian process regression”
2. “Digital RF: software and format for radio data”

Gunter Stober (via Skype)
“Meteor Radar data analysis”