Dr Cyril Georgy (Team Leader), University of Geneva, Switzerland: Identified shortcomings in the modelling of massive star evolution

Dr Patrick EggenbergerUniversity of Geneva, Switzerland: Angular momentum transport in stars and constraints from asteroseismology

Dr Sylvia Ekström, University of Geneva, Switzerland: Modelling of rotation in massive stars

Dr Miriam Garcia, Centro de Astrobiología Madrid, Spain: Winds of massive stars at various metallicities

Dr Mélanie Godart, University of Liège, Belgium: Asteroseismology of evolved massive stars

Dr Raphael Hirschi, Keele University, UK: Advanced stages of massive star evolution

Dr Casey Meakin, University of Arizona, USA  / Dr Sam JonesHITS Heidelberg, Germany: Convection during the advanced stages of stellar life

Dr Péter I. Pápics, KU Leuwen, Belgium: Rotations in MS massive stars from asteroseismology

Dr Vincent Prat, CEA Saclay, France: Mixing in radiative zones from DNS

Prof. Michel Rieutord, Laboratoire Astrophysique de Toulouse, France: 2D modelling of rotating stars

Prof. Friedrich Roepke, University of Heidelberg, Germany: The seven-league hydro code and its applications to stellar physics

Dr Sergio Simón-Díaz, Instituto de astrophísica de Canarias, Spain: Fundamental parameters and abundances determination

Invited young scientists:

Gonzalo HolgadoInstituto de astrophísica de Canarias, Spain: Fundamental parameters of O stars and the IACOB project (check with Sergio for overlap)

Dr Delphine HypoliteCEA Saclay, France: 2D modelling of rotating stars (check with Michel for overlap)