Our team comprises 10 scientists from 5 different countries, with multidisciplinary expertise.

Jean-Baptiste Vincent DLR Institute for Planetary Research Germany
Paula Benavidez University of Alicante Spain
Adriano Campo-Bagatin University of Alicante Spain
Martin Jutzi University of Bern Switzerland
Ekkehard Kuehrt DLR Institute for Planetary Research Germany
Patrick Michel Laboratoire Lagrange – OCA Nice France
Detlef de Niem DLR Institute for Planetary Research Germany
Nilda Oklay DLR Institute for Planetary Research Germany
Luca Penasa University of Padova Italy
Kai W√ľnnemann Naturkunde Museum Berlin Germany

We bring together experts in cometary morphology, impacts and catastrophic disruptions of small bodies, formation and evolution of the Solar System. Most team members have a multidisciplinary background particularly relevant to the project.

Our group is also conceived as a bridge between the Rosetta and impact modeling communities. For political reasons beyond our control, the modelers did not have access to the high resolution imaging data during the active phase of the mission and therefore could not get the full picture of cometary morphology and surface evolution. Likewise, the same issues forced Rosetta scientists to draw conclusions without being able to test all hypotheses with state-of-the art numerical models.