Hare and hounds exercise

The hare (Broomhall) has produced a 105 simulated flares. All of the data sets contain a primary flare (of various lengths, amplitudes and shapes), red and white noise. Then various additional ‘qpp-like’ signals have been added to the data as well. Each flare has been assigned a random number which is in the filename. The files are in fits format with a time column and a flux column. All time series are 300 data points in length (arbitrary units). This is a subset of the flares I have simulated (of which I have over 4000 in total) and will upload more soon. The flares can be found following the link below:


If anyone not in the team is interested in participating in the hare and hound exercise please contact Anne-Marie (a-m.broomhall@warwick.ac.uk).