Saturn Aeronomy


Main aim of our ISSI International Team to study the aeronomy of Saturn, focusing on the three key, interconnected science topics (1) Solving the energy crisis of Saturn’s neutral upper atmosphere; (2) Modeling the “average” ionosphere observed by Cassini/RSS and (3) Understanding ionospheric variability observed by Cassini/RPWS and RSS. After five years of Saturn’s atmospheric and magnetospheric observations by the Cassini/Huygens mission as well as important Pioneer, Voyager and Earth-based measurements, we are now at a stage that allows us to look with confidence and in more depth at these dataset. Additionally, improved model capabilities have become available over the recent years that await comprehensive validation by this dataset. We have assembled a hand-picked team of experts for Cassini and Voyager observations, Earth-based observations, numerical modelling of the Saturn’s upper atmosphere, and reaction rate estimates for tackling the complex cross-disciplinary issues arising from the science questions.

The Team Leader is Marina Galand (Imperial College London)

This web site provides more information about the work of this team and serves as a hub for team members to exchange material.

The restricted area of the web site contains presentations from the workshops as well as photos.

ISSI International Team: Saturn Aeronomy

Image credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute