1st Meeting: 16-20 April 2018

Preliminary agenda

Monday 16 Apr: Initial presentations: “Soft” Protons and their impact on XMM science

Time Responsible Subject
09:00 Maurizio Falanga (ISSI) Welcome
09:15 Fabio Gastaldello /Stein Haaland Introduction
09:30 Fabio Gastaldello X-ray sources and the impact of high background
Andrea Tiengo Characterization of soft protons as the source of the “flaring” XMM background
Kip Kuntz Soft Protons in the magnetosphere as seen by XMM – I
Simona Ghizzardi Soft Protons in the magnetosphere as seen by XMM – II
rest of day All Discussion
17:00 (ISSI) Reception and Icebreaker

Tuesday 17 Apr: Initial presentations: The magnetosphere, acceleration mechanisms and the Cluster mission

09:00 Lynn Kistler Introduction to the magnetosphere (regions, dynamics, …)
Lynn Kistler / Elena Kronberg Particle detectors (principle, characteristics
caveats..) and the Cluster mission
Elena Kronberg Acceleration mechanisms ((Betatron/Fermi, …). Radiation belts and their variation/dynamics

Wednesday 18 Apr: Discussion and the The XMM-Cluster database

09:00 Stein Haaland/Fabio Gastaldello The XMM-Cluster database
All Preliminary results / Discussion
14:00 All Short excursion ?

Thursday 19 Apr: Discussion – Publications

09:00 All Discussion – publications to present results

Friday 20 Apr: Summary

09:00 All Summary and wrap up