List of publications by the team

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  2. Tlatova, K., Tlatov, A., Pevtsov, A., Mursula, K., Vasil’eva, V., Heikkinen, E., Bertello, L.,  Pevtsov, A., Virtanen, I., and Karachik, N.: 2018, “Tilt of sunspot bipoles in solar cycles 15 to 24“, Solar Phys., , 293:118, DOI: 10.1007/s11207-018-1337-y
  3. Virtanen, I. I., Pevtsov, A.A.,  and Mursula, K.: 2018, “Structure and evolution of the photospheric magnetic field in 2010 – 2017: Comparison of SOLIS/VSM vector field and BLOS potential field“,  Aston. Astrophys., submitted
  4. Pevtsov, A.A., Tlatova, K.A., Pevtsov, A.A., Heikkinen, E., Virtanen, I.,  Karachik, N.V., Bertello, L., Tlatov, A.G., Ulrich, R., Mursula, K.: 2019, “Reconstructing solar magnetic fields from historical observations. IV. Sunspot magnetic field measurements at Mount Wilson Observatory“, Astron. Astrophys., submitted