Schedule of Meetings

First meeting: 30 January – 1 February 2016


Summer/Fall 2016
Before the first ISSI meeting
  • Start to investigate what is needed to prepare a sulfur budget/aerosol climatology
  • Prepare  to  address  the  discovered  major  issues  and roadblocks
Winter 2016/2017
First meeting at ISSI
  • Discuss the discovered problems and the way forward to finalize the sulfur budget climatology
  • Survey climate model simulations and prospect
  • Surveying current and planned measurement campaigns
  • Assess the current availability of instrumentation
  • Create schedule, action items, sub-teams and their tasks
Between meetings
  • Address action items through teleconferences/email
  • Advance modeling/measurement priorities
Winter 2017/2018
Second meeting at ISSI
  • Reviewing progress and results
  • Push forward on developing aerosol/sulfur climatology
  • Plan of action and documentation
Winter/Spring 2018
Between meetings
  • Address outstanding science issues
  • Document SSiRC Outcomes (prepare publications)
Spring 2018
Third (small) meeting at ISSI
  • Finalize papers
  • Map a future pathway