Second Meeting

Second Meeting

The second meeting will take place in November 13-17 2017.



Monday, November 13, 2017

0930 Welcome (Maurizio Falanga, ISSI) and adoption of agenda

Session I. LSB science (show)cases

0945 David Valls-Gabaud ‘Overview: From the zodiacal light to the
cosmological UV/optical background: the LSB sky unveiled’
1000 Coffee
1030 Dennis Zaritsky ‘Progress and challenges for the SMUDGES survey’
1230 Lunch
1330 Pierre-Alain Duc ‘Stephan’s quintet at very low surface brightness levels’
1530 Coffee
1600 Javier Román ‘Exploring low surface brightness with a space debris dedicated telescope’
1730 End
1900 Dinner at the Kornhauskeller

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

0900 Ignacio Trujillo ‘Recent LSB observations’
1030 Coffee
1100 Raúl Infante ‘LSB science in SDSS’
1230 Lunch
1400 Aaron Watkins ‘Detecting fading HII regions and extended plumes of diffuse ionized gas through deep narrow-band imaging’
1530 Coffee
1600 Roberto Abraham (videolink) ‘An update on Dragonfly and an update on the Canadian Space Astronomy scene’
1730 End

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

0900 Lee Spitler ‘The Huntsman project’
1030 Coffee
1100 Mohammad Akhlaghi ‘Carving out the galactic cirri’
1230 Lunch
1400 Free afternoon. Suggested activities:
Einstein-Haus at Kramgasse No. 49;
Bern Historical Museum;
Paul Klee Centre
1900 Dinner at the Rosengarten Restaurant

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Session II Space-based observations

0900 Alejandro Borlaff ‘Looking for the missing light of the HUDF’
1030 Coffee
1100 Matthew Hayes ‘HST spectroscopy at low LSB levels’
1230 Lunch
1400 Jean-Paul Kneib ‘Gravitational lensing and LSB science’
1530 Coffee
1600 Mohammad Akhlaghi ‘Tutorial on GNUAstro, with applications to HDF/XDF’
1800 End
1900 Dinner at the Gourmanderie Moléson

Friday, November 17, 2017

Session III. Future space missions

0900 Rafael Guzmán ‘The DUNES space mission’
1030 Coffee
1100 Daehee Lee ‘The Korean space science programme’
1230 Lunch
1400 Lee Spitler ‘The Australian Space Eye’
1530 Coffee
1600 David Valls-Gabaud ‘Update on the MESSIER surveyor’
1730 Discussion: next steps in the field
1830 End