Astrophysics and Cosmology

with Galaxy Clusters:

the X-ray and lensing view



As the most massive gravitationally-bound objects in the Universe, galaxy clusters represent fundamental signposts in the story of structure formation and evolution.

The distribution of their gravitating and baryonic mass is the key ingredient to use galaxy clusters as astrophysical laboratories and cosmological probes.

We propose an international team of experts working on the X-ray and lensing properties of galaxy clusters to meet at ISSI to share their common experience on this topic, focusing on the following items:

  1. (1)the reconstruction of the cluster mass profiles through

   X-ray, strong and weak lensing techniques;

  1. (2)the use of X-ray and lensing derived quantities as proxies of

    the gravitating mass;

  1. (3)mapping of the cluster outskirts with X-ray and weak

     lensing methods;

  1. (4)estimates of the systematics affecting mass reconstruction and cosmological implications of these measurements.

Taking benefit from the opportunity provided from ISSI to support both logistically and financially meetings in which these issues can be discussed, we plan to produce documents that takes stock of these research fields and to promote activities that allow the international community to make significant advances on this topic through conferences, workshops and applications for funding.


Description of the project

Team coordinator:

Dr. Stefano Ettori

Team members:

Prof. Matthias Bartelmann

Dr. Hakon Dahle

Dr. Henk Hoekstra

Dr. Marceau Limousin

Dr. Massimo Meneghetti

Dr. Silvano Molendi

Dr. Rocco Piffaretti

Dr. Etienne Pointecouteau

Dr. Thomas Reiprich

Dr. Robert Schmidt