The objective of this joint ISSI-Europlanet project is to gather specialists of the icy moons to discuss our current understanding of the exchange processes which cause the astonishing variety of icy surfaces.
Both the workshop, which will constitute the first step of the project development, and the book, which will represent its final product, will describe and discuss the different elements of this theme. A general organisation of the book will be proposed by the conveners to the participants before the workshop. In principle, sesssions chairs will be considered as lead authors of the different chapters. Other workshop participants and experts not present at the workshop are encouraged to contribute as co-authors.

  1. Deadlines :

    1 - Hotel registration (contact : Brigitte Schutte - Tél. : +41-31-631-4896 email : schutte@issibern.ch)
    1. 26 September 2008
  2. 2 - Short CV or a personal web address that will be put on the workshop web site
    1. 26 September 2008

    3 - Abstract submission

    29 August 2008

First Circular
Second Circular

updated : 18 th november 2008