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TUESDAY 13 September, 2016                                                                      Main conference Room, 1st floor
08:45-09:10 Welcome, Introduction to ISSI and to Europlanet,

forum origin and objectives

Rafael Rodrigo, Ari-Matti Hari, Michel Blanc
Session 1 Setting the stage Chairperson: Michel Blanc
09:10-09:30 I -1. Formation of planetary systems Willy Benz
09:30-09:50 I – 2. Living with one’s star: from solar-terrestrial science to star-planets relationships Helmut Lammer
09:50-10:10 I – 3. A multi-decadal view of upcoming progress in the detection and characterization of exoplanets and their systems Heike Rauer
10:10-10:30 I- 4. Habitability and habitable worlds, in the Solar System and beyond Athena Coustenis
Session 2 Solar System: formation and early evolution Chairperson: John Zarnecki
11:30-11h50 II – 1. Tracing the messages of the Solar Nebula Bernard Marty
11:50-12:10 II – 2. Formation and early evolution of the solar system: the big picture Seth Jacobson
14:00-14:20 II – 3. Formation and early evolution: the outer solar system Michiel Lambrechts
14:20-14:40 II – 3. Formation and early evolution: the inner solar system Mahesh Anand
14:40-15:10 Discussion on Session II
Session 3 Solar System: how does it work? Chairperson: Karoly Szego
15:10-15:30 Keynote contribution: III – 1. Structure and dynamics of solid bodies and implications for habitability and life: where to look for to make progress? Nicola Tosi and Tilman Spohn
16:00-16:20 III – 2. Asteroids and Martian satellites: where do they come from, how do they work? Maria Teresa Capria
16:20-16:40 III – 3. Comets, Trojans and KBOs: where do they come from, how do they work? Michael F. A’Hearn
16:40-17:00 III – 4. Exploring the diversity of giant planets systems Jean-Pierre Lebreton
17:00-17:20 III – 5. Structure and dynamics of ice and gas giants: how to make progress after Juno? Scott Bolton
17:20-17:40 III – 6. Icy satellites David Senske
17:40-18:10 Discussion on Session III (1)
WEDNESDAY 14 September, 2016                                                               Main conference Room, 1st floor
Terrestrial planets Chairperson: Rafael Rodrigo
08:30-08:50 III – 7. Terrestrial planets: internal structure and geodynamics Véronique Dehant
08:50-09:10 III – 8. Terrestrial planets: surface morphology, geology and formation history Nicolas Mangold
09:10-09:30 III – 9. Terrestrial planets atmospheres and their evolution Oleg Korablev
09:30-09:50 III – 10. Sources and losses of water on early terrestrial planets Feng Tian
09:50-10:10 Discussion on Session III (2)
Heliosphere, Solar System Magnetospheres and plasma physics Chairperson: Norbert Krupp
10:40-11:00 III – 11. The Heliosphere and its interaction with the LIC Veerle Sterken
11:00-11:50 III – 12. Exploring the diversity of planetary magnetospheres Emma Bunce
11:50-12:10 III – 13. The solar system as a plasma physics laboratory Adam Masters
12:10-12:30 Discussion on Session III (3)
Session IV From Habitable worlds to the search for life. Chairperson: Ari-Matti Harri
14:00-14:20 IV – 1. Exploring Mars as a potential habitat Sylvestre Maurice
14:20-14:40 IV – 3. Ocean Worlds Exploration Christophe Sotin
14:40-15:00 IV – 4. Searching for life, in the solar system and beyond Frances Westall
15:00-15:30 Discussion on Session IV
Session V







–       Science and key representative space missions: preliminary summary

Michel Blanc

–       Suggestions for ISSI-Europlanet workshops

Karoly Szego (preliminary list of WS ideas)

Thursday 15 September, 2016


Session VI







Splinter meeting of the Technology Experts

(All forum participants welcome)

Technologies and infrastructures needed to implement our set of representative missions: preliminary forum outcome, discussion of next steps and of a work plan:

–       Introduction to the technology experts discussion: Michel Blanc

–       Presentation of Task4 of Europlanet NA1 (technology foresight workshops): Manuel Grande

–       Elements of synthesis and guidelines by:

o   Peter Falkner

o   Patricia Beauchamp

–       Contributions from:

o   Jean Broquet

o   Hélène Boithias

o   Antonella Ferri

o   Gianpaolo Preti

o   Denis Lebleu

o   Yuichi Tsuda