Game Changers Online Seminars

How Missions Change(d) our View of the Solar System and the Universe

The International Space Science Institute is proud to announce its first online Seminar series in its history. While ISSI’s mission is to provide the international Space Science Community with a forum for meeting and discussion in an informal and productive atmosphere here in Bern and document the result in the literature, the Corona crisis has accelerated earlier plans for online tools that may supplement our core in person meeting program.  ISSI hopes that this series will help to bridge the Corona gap in scientific communication and may be continued even after the crisis will be over.  

Artist’s view of Ariane 6 and Vega-C (Image Credit: ESA – D. Ducros)

You can join all Seminars with  this Link for the “Game Changers” ISSI Zoom Sessions >>   

Meeting ID: 852 6990 9362, Password: 459004 

The talks will be recorded and made available for viewing on the ISSI website >> 


As a space science institute of advanced studies ISSI regards mission data as one of its major resources. It is therefore fitting to ask to which extent missions are “Game Changers”. After all, many missions left us fully surprised of what we had learned and not expected before!


Game Changers: How Missions Change(d) our View of the Universe

Next Seminar: “INTEGRAL – The Extreme Universe

with Enrico Bozzo (Department of Astronomy, University of Geneva, Switzerland) 

Thursday, November 5, 17:00h CET

Please click on this Link for the Zoom Session >>   Meeting ID: 852 6990 9362, Password: 459004



Save the dates for the further confirmed Game Changers Seminars: 

Gaia – The Dynamic Sky in 3D with Anthony G. A. Brown, Leiden Observatory, Leiden, The Netherlands, November 12, 17:00h CET

The Hubble Space Telescope: From Cosmological Conflict to Alien Atmospheres with Tom Brown, Space Telescope Science institute, Baltimore, USA, November 19, 17:00h CET

Planck –  From the Early Universe to Our Local Environment with Jan Tauber, European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, November 26, 17:00h CET

CoRoT – The First Transiting Exoplanets from Space with Magali Deleuil, Aix-Marseille Université – Institut Universitaire de France, Marseille, France, December 3, 17:00h CET

XMM-Newton – New Visions of the X-ray Universe, Arvind Parmar, European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, December 10, 17:00h CET

Herschel – A Cool Mission Unveiling the Cold Universe with Göran Pilbratt, European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, December 17, 17:00h CET

We are looking forward to the talks and to your participation and feel free to share with your colleagues.


Recorded Game Changers Seminars >>