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Analyses of the ozone profile over the South Pole during the ozone hole of 2003, compared to ozonesonde (black line).


The ASSET (Assimilation of Envisat data) project is a EU-funded consortium bringing together the leading data assimilation groups in Europe. Its objectives are: (1) assess the strategies for exploiting research satellite data by the Numerical Weather Prediction community, and (2) investigate the distribution and variability of atmospheric chemical species by exploiting research satellite data. To address these objectives, ASSET will assimilate Envisat observations and produce quality-controlled analyses of ozone and other species using a variety of assimilation models and techniques. To evaluate these analyses and the different assimilation approaches, ASSET will carry out an analyses intercomparison project. An International Team, based on the core ASSET Principal Investigator and Project Advisory Group (PAG) membership will spend one week at ISSI (International Space Sciences Institute, Bern) to discuss the results from the intercomparison project and draw conclusions. An expected output is peer-reviewed papers that will help address a number of key questions in the assimilation of chemical constituents, and will contribute toward improving our understanding of climate-chemistry feedbacks in the Earth System.


W.A. Lahoz: Team leader and ASSET co-ordinator (U. Reading, UK)
A. Geer (U. Reading, UK)
D. Jackson and H. Thornton (Met Office, UK)
N. Bormann (ECMWF, UK)
V.-H. Peuch and S. Massart (Météo-France and CERFACS, France)
H. Eskes and A. Segers (KNMI, The Netherlands)
S. Bekki and M. Marchand (UPMC, France)
D. Fonteyn and Q. Errera (BIRA-IASB, Belgium)
H. Elbern (U. Köln, Germany)
S. Ceccherini (CNR-IFAC, Italy)
M. Ridolfi (U. Bologna, Italy)
T. von Clarmann (IMK, Germany)
A. Vik and Y. Orsolini (NILU, Norway)

ASSET PAG members:
B. Khattatov (Fusion Numerics, USA)
O. Talagrand (LMD-IPSL, France)
Donal Murtagh (Chalmers, Sweden)