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We stand on the threshold of a critical expansion of asteroseismology of Sun-like stars, the study of stellar interiors by observation of their global acoustic modes of oscillation. The Sun-like oscillations give a very rich spectrum allowing the internal structure and dynamics to be probed down into the stellar cores to very high precision. Asteroseismic observations of many stars will allow multiple-point tests of crucial aspects of stellar evolution and dynamo theory. The AsteroFLAG group is an international collaboration of asteroseismologists. Our ISSI programme will make a major contribution to position the field to make optimal use of the expected large quantities of data.

We are currently conducting comprehensive hare-and-hounds exercises to help prepare for the asteroseismology component of the NASA Kepler mission (the Kepler Asteroseismology Investigation, KAI). Realistic artificial datasets will be used to assess the accuracy and precision of methods that extract the mode parameters. Accurate and precise mode parameters are a vital prerequisite for accurate inference on the stellar interiors. Crucial to our proposal is the transfer of expertise from analysis of data on the Sun (helioseismology), in particular knowledge acquired from the solarFLAG group, which has conducted similar, successful hare-and-hounds exercises for the helioseismic case.

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AsteroFLAG acknowledges the support of ISSI. This work is also supported by the European Helio- and Asteroseismology Network (HELAS),
a major collaboration funded by the European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme.

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