Here is a list of papers and books which are related to the effort to find the origin of the Pioneer anomlay. This list is not complete. Further suggestions to the organizers are welcome.

Pioneer Anomaly – primary literature

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Pioneer Anomaly – further background

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Pioneer Anomaly attempts at conventional explanations

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Pioneer Anomaly new physics / mechnisms suggestions

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Pioneer Anomaly mission proposals to explore PA

  1. The Pioneer Explorer Collaboration, A Mission to Explore the Pioneer Anomaly, gr-qc/0506139
  2. The European Physical Society (EPS), EPS Position Paper: The Need for Space Flight Opportunities in Fundamental Physics, 4 May 2005 PDF (71KB)
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Pioneer Anomaly related topics

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Pioneer Anomaly popular press

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  6. R.R. Britt, The Problem with Gravity: New Mission Would Probe Strange Puzzle.

Pioneer Anomaly (un?)related topics

  1. P.G. Antreasian and J.R. Guinn, Investigations into the unexpected delta-V increases during the Earth gravity assists of Galileo and NEAR, AIAA 98-4287 PDF (1.4MB)
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