Physics of SN Remnants in the Chandra, XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL Era

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This research project focuses on the observation and interpretation of high-energy photon emission from supernova remnants (SNRs).  We have brought together an international team of observers and theorists working with the XMM-Newton, Chandra, and INTEGRAL spacecraft, as well as previous X-ray and gamma-ray space telescopes.  The successful operation of these superb observatories, combined with ground-based radio and GeV-TeV gamma-ray observations, has made it possible to dramatically extend our knowledge of SNRs and their interaction with the interstellar medium (ISM). The major topics of the research project are: (1) High resolution X- and gamma-ray observations of SNRs used to constrain the nucleosynthetic yields, the structure of the SN ejecta, the conditions in the remnant and ISM, and the supernova explosion energy. (2) Combining high resolution observations with hard continuum emission to constrain models of efficient cosmic-ray (CR) production in SNRs leading to a deeper understanding of particle injection in shocks and CR yield. (3) Study of the physical processes of energy release in compact sources like pulsar wind nebulae.

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Below is the link to our team report as of 14 February 2005
Team Report: Februrary 2005

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Group Photo, December 2003

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