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The role of spectroscopic and imaging data in understanding coronal heating



Scientific objectives

Following recent investigations of the solar coronal heating problem, the scientific community is in agreement on the need for the stronger use of data for benchmarking theoretical models. In this respect, the role of spectroscopy combined with imaging is now considered as a high priority. Among the possible scenarios, the physics acting at unresolved small scales is considered to have a predominant role in the global heating. New missions, such as Solar-B, STEREO and SDO, will soon deliver high resolution spectroscopic and imaging data. In this project we propose gathering together specialists of different, but complementary, disciplines to develop methodologies to couple the data from new missions and the predictions from state-of-the-art theoretical models in order to provide major advances in our understanding of coronal heating. We will concentrate our efforts on:

  1. minimizing uncertainties in the measurement of the physical parameters of sub-resolution structures and heating events;
  2. enabling the prediction of observable quantities from theoretical models and matching them to the observational capabilities of current and future instrumentation;
  3. and determining the characteristics required by new instrumentation to provide critical datasets for the tackling of the coronal heating problem.



    1st Meeting

    6-9 February 2007

    2nd Meeting

    22-25 October 2007

    3rd Meeting

    26-28 January 2008




    Final Report



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