ISSI International Team

3D Reconstruction Techniques for the Stereo Mission

Scientific objectives

The twin satellites of the Stereo mission, to be launched mid-2006, will allow us to view the three-dimensional (3D) heliosphere for the first time and with an unprecedented combination of imaging and in situ experiments. Stereo will face the community with new problems that require 3D reconstruction tools.

Many visualisation and analysis techniques have been developed for Stereo or are under development. They are listed on the Secchi 3D reconstruction web page. Yet there remains an important need for closer interaction between all these different initiatives, finding for examples ways how different approaches can be combined to improve the reconstruction. This has motivated the creation of a small team that would seek a better coordination among european contributions to Stereo while keeping a strong connection with the rest of the community.


This team will deliver a web-based interface with : The web interface will be made available during the Stereo-Secchi meeting that is planned to take place in Orsay a few months after the launch of Stereo.

Team members

The members of our ISSI team are
Name Affiliation
Frédéric Auchère IAS, Orsay, France
Thierry Dudok de Wit (lead) LPCE, Orléans, France
Jean-François Hochedez ROB, Brussels, Belgium
Bernd Inhester MPS, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany
Antoine Llebaria LAS, Marseille, France
Angelos Vourlidas Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC, USA
Jean-Pierre Wuelser LMSAL, Palo Alto, USA


Date Event
13-15 April 2005 first team meeting (minutes of meeting)
2-4 May 2005 Stereo SEE meeting in Hamburg
26-28 October 2005 second team meeting (minutes of meeting)
3-5 November 2005 Solar image processing workshop II in Annapolis
15-17 March 2006 third team meeting (minutes of meeting)
6-8 September 2006 Solar Image Processing workshop in Dublin
18-20 September 2006 Astronomical Data Analysis IV conference in Marseille
25 October 2006 successful launch of Stereo
5 - 9 March 2007 SECCHI consortium meeting in Orsay
April 2007 last team meeting

Useful links

• The Stereo project (JHUAPL, Laurel)
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• The Stereo mission home page (GSFC, Goddard)
• The Stereo SECCHI instruments (NRL, Washington)
• The Stereo SWAVES instruments (GSFC, Goddard)
• The Stereo IMPACT instruments (SSL, Berkeley)

Last Update: December 12, 2006 (T. Dudok de Wit)