Multiwavelength investigation of X-/gamma-ray sources.

Support of the INTEGRAL observation

Welcome to the team website.

The aim of this project is to support multiwavelength observations of a sample of
active sources and all bright transients in our Galaxy
in X-ray, optical and radio
wavebands simultaneous with INTEGRAL observations.
Our group have rights for
investigation and publication results
about 25% of the sources, which are observed
by INTEGRAL in the Core Programme.
We would like to significantly enhance the
output of the INTEGRAL observations using simultaneous planned or TOO
observations with other satellites and ground-based observatories.

Team participants:

The winter 2003 meeting (1-9 December)

Short report from first meeting 1 - 9 Dec 2003

The spring 2004 meeting (25 Mar - 4 Apr)

Short report from second meeting 25 Mar - 4 Apr 2004

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