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asteroFLAG is an international collaboration of  asteroseismologists. The aims of asteroFLAG are the develop methods of asteroseismic data analysis for application to solar-type stars, in particular to the large ensemble of targets observed for asteroseismology by the NASA Kepler Mission, as part of the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium (KASC)

W.J. Chaplin, T. Appourchaux, J. Ballot, M. Bazot, T.R. Bedding, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard O.L. Creevey, Y. Elsworth, S.T. Fletcher, R.A. Garcia, S. Hekker, G. Houdek, D. Huber, C. Karoff, H. Kjeldsen, S. Mathur, A. Miglio, M.J.P.F.G. Monteiro, R. New, C. Regulo, D. Salabert, D. Stello, J.-C. Suarez, G.A. Verner

We seek to capitalize on the unique opportunities presented by the NASA Kepler Mission by developing ensemble and differential analysis methodologies for application to asteroseismic data collected by Kepler on over one thousand solar-type stars. Never before has it been possible to conduct a seismic survey of the solar-type part of the colour-magnitude diagram. The solar-type stars present a rich spectrum of oscillations, allowing inferences to be made on the stellar properties, internal structures and fundamental physics to unprecedented levels of precision and accuracy. We shall probe the galactic population of solar-type stars by seismology of the Kepler ensemble. We will select from the ensemble pairs or sequences of stars that share a common property (or properties), for example masses, compositions or surface gravities. Differential (comparative) seismic analysis of these stars will allow stable calibrations of relative ages, and give the potential to map evolutionary sequences of internal properties and structures. This differential analysis will also include use of oscillations data on stars observed by other instruments and ground-based telescopes, including the Stellar Observations Network Group (SONG). Our proposed program of study builds directly on the successful foundations laid by two previous ISSI awards to asteroFLAG.

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