ISSI Team 217


ISSI Team 217 (Goncharenko) Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling during Stratospheric Sudden Warmings

This proposal arises as a continuation of the ISSI team 152 started in 2008 and titled “Bridging the gap between the middle and upper atmosphere: coupling processes due to winds and waves over an extended altitude range”, lead by Peter Hoffmann. Analysis of the results identified studies of Stratospheric Sudden Warming (SSW) events and other extreme events as a promising path towards better understanding of vertical and horizontal coupling of atmospheric layers. It also indicated that a joint analysis of different altitudinal regions is necessary to fully understand coupling processes. Three tasks were defined:

Group photo, taken at the first meeting, although incomplete (sitting: Klemens Hocke, Bernd Funke, Dora Pancheva, Larisa Goncharenko, Rolf Rüfenacht, Peter Hoffmann, Satonori Nozawa, and standing: Brigitte Tschanz, Tim Fuller-Rowell, Han-Li Liu, Christoph Zülicke)

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23 Oct 2012 / issi217master