Waves in high beta plasma.

The main goal of the present network is to elaborate on a comprehensive though fully kinetic description of low-frequency waves in hot plasma. Earlier theories developed by other investigators as well as ourselves dealt with the fluid approach and a preliminary kinetic theory in homogeneous and moderately warm plasma. The present kinetic approach allows to include a number of new effects, in particular it allows to incorporate effects of spatial gradients of the plasma density, and magnetic field, taking into account a finite electron temperature, a finite Larmor radius and in addition also some nonlinear effects. In view of application to space plasma, particular emphasis is given to waves that can propagate under the conditions encountered in the terrestrial magnetosheath. These waves are of interest because they constitute the main low-frequency component of the plasma turbulence in the magnetosheath. They are expected to carry most of the turbulent energy and should play a central role in the dissipative processes taking place there. When interacting with the magnetopause they should cause energy and momentum transport into the magnetosphere and affect the dynamics of the processes at the magnetopause itself.