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ISSI team on gamma-ray binaries

This project is devoted to study of γ-ray loud binaries, which a binary stellar systems in which either accretion onto the compact object (a neutron star, or a black hole), or interaction of an outflow from the compact object with a companion star leads to the production of high energy γ-ray emission. This class of sources has been recently discovered by the ground based Cherenkov γ-ray telescopes in the TeV energy band and by Fermi and AGILE telescopes in the GeV energy band. The goals of the project are to systematize already available multiwavelength (radio/optical/X-ray/γ-ray) data, to process the data of the forthcoming multiwavelength observational campaigns on these new sources and, to work out a consistent picture of physical processes leading to the high-energy particle acceleration and γ-ray emission, which would be able to explain the multiwavelength data.

The main goal of the project is the systematic study of observational properties and physical mechanisms of activity of GRLBs. The work of our group will be centered around three main types of activities:

* Radio, X-ray and γ-ray observations and analysis of the new observational data on particular GRLBs;

    *data mining and analysis of archival radio, infrared, optical, X- ray and γ-ray data on the known GRLB systems and on the new GRLB candidates;

    *theoretical interpretation of observational data and development of a self-consistent model of particle accel- eration and γ-ray emission in GRLBs.

Team Members:  

Felix Aharonian, DIAS, Dublin and MPIK, Heidelberg
Pol Bordas, ISDC, Geneva
Valenti Bosch-Ramon, MPIK Heidelberg
Masha Chernyakova, DIAS, Dublin
Yasushi Fukazawa, Hiroshima University
Alexander Lutovinov, IKI, Moscow
Denis Malyshev, DIAS, Dublin
Sergey Molkov, IKI, Moscow
Ginny McSwain, Leight University
Andrii Neronov, ISDC, Geneva
Hiromitsu Takahashi, Hiroshima University


last update 9 September 2010