The first COST-G International Team Meeting happened in ISSI/Bern during the week 14-18 January 2019. It gathered 13 participants on site from AIUB, CNES, GFZ, TUG, LUH, ENS, SSS, DGFI.

The COST-G Team discussed different aspects of the project whose aim is to elaborate reference time-variable gravity field models as combination of individual models from the Analysis Centers in the framework of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG).
Presentations, discussions or debates focused on:
– computational status in the Acs
– results of the former EGSIEM project and combination status at AIUB
– internal and external validations of the combined and individual models
– COST-G organization and terms of reference
– computational work needed to compare and to homogenize processing
– publications on the topic COST-G organization, simulation and validation procedures
– WEB center development
– tasks to be performed next

A short advanced meeting will be organized during the next EGU General Assembly. It was agreed to hold the 2nd and final COST-G meeting at ISSI in January 2020.