Workshop 2

“Quasi-periodic pulsations in bursty energy releases and related topics”

Chair: V.M. Nakariakov


Sequence of invited presentations:


V.M. Nakariakov: “Recent results on MHD waves in the corona”

D. Klimushkin: “High-m MHD oscillations in the Earth’s magnetosphere, induced by non-thermal particles”

K. Murawski: “Numerical modelling of MHD waves in 3D plasma configurations”.


M. Karlicky: “MHD waves and oscillations in radio observations”

P. Jelinek: “Numerical simulations of fiber bursts and ZP”

D. Kolotkov: “Supernonlinear waves in magnetised plasmas”

11/12/2013: Excursion trip to Grindelwald


T. Van Doorsselaere: “Observations and theory of sausage modes”

N. Nishitani: “Study of ionospheric disturbances due to solar disturbances by the high and midlatitude SuperDARN HF radars”

G. Verth: “..”


Open discussion and work in small groups.

Concluding remarks.