Workshop 1 :
“Standing MHD waves”
Feb 25 – Mar 01, 2013


Chair: V. M. Nakariakov

Sequence of presentations:

  • V. M. Nakariakov: “Introduction to MHD waves in the solar corona
  • V. Pilipenko: “Introduction to MHD waves in the Earth’s magnetosphere

     Invited talks:

  • T. Van Doorsselaere: “Modelling of standing MHD waves in the solar corona
  • B. Heilig: “ULF waves in the dayside magnetoshere
  • G. Verth: “Solar atmospheric wave research: theory & observations
  • D.-H. Lee: “MHD and EMIC wave coupling in inhomogeneous space plasma – Effect of collisions on Alfvén wave heating
  • P. Jelinek: “Solar flares and magnetoacoustic waves
  • A. Yoshikawa
  • G. Nisticò: “Observations of decaying and decayless kink oscillations in coronal loops