Virtual Observatory for Meteoroids

  2008 November 24-28

The investigation of the distribution and dynamics of dust in the Solar System is of statistical nature and depends critically on the amount and availability of observational data. The advent of virtual observatories in astrophysics is ideally timed with the observational advances in data recording in meteor science. We are seeking the installation of a virtual observatory for meteoroids and meteors. The team will deal with all types of requirements for such a project. Outcomes of the team meeting comprise data exchange interfaces, database models, data qualification procedures, and preview analysis tools. The team meeting consists of presentations of meteoroid data types at present and possible future types, discussions on the structure of the virtual observatory, and actual programming. The output will be considerable progress in creating a database of meteoroid information including interfaces for accessibility.

  Team members present

Rainer Arlt, Int. Meteor Organization
Prakash Atreya, Armagh Obs., UK
Geert Barentsen, Armagh Obs., UK
Joachim Flohrer, DLR, Germany
Tadeusz Jopek, Astr. Obs. UAM Poznan, Poland
André Knöfel, Int. Meteor Organization
Detlef Koschny, ESTEC, the Netherlands
Pavel Koten, Astr. Inst. Acad. Sci. Czech Republic
Jürgen Oberst, DLR, Germany
Juraj Tóth, Comenius Univ., Slovak Republic
Robert Weryk, Univ, Western Ontario, Canada
Mariusz Wisniewski, Polish Fireball Network PKIM, Poland

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