Advances in the scientific basis for monitoring, modeling and predicting space weather

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Project Abstract



Space weather activities in Europe include both the monitoring of the space environment and the development of models. The independent operation of the European organizations actively engaged on space physics research causes several barriers in the transformation of the European know-how to space weather products, required by the users� community for nowcasting and forecasting space weather effects on human and technological systems. Coordination of existing national activities in Europe has been only recently initiated in the frames of the COST Action 724 �Developing the scientific basis for monitoring, modeling and predicting Space Weather� with the involvement of 23 countries. As a step forward, COST724 community recognizes the necessity to synthesize the scientific achievements made by COST724 and prepare the way for future research in this area.

The objectives of the proposal are:

a) to evaluate the current understanding of the solar activity and radiation environment processes as well as of the coupling between the solar wind and the Earth�s magnetosphere and ionosphere, in relation to the recent advances in observations from space and ground;

b) to formulate modeling and data analysis tasks which will lead to the modeling and prediction of the space environment, based on the scientific knowledge and experience of European teams;

c) to specify future actions that will lead to the development of a European Space Weather Center of Excellence.

This project is essential for the accomplishment of the goals of the European Action COST724 and will provide important conclusions for strengthening space weather related activities in Europe through specific exploitation actions.

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