Welcome to the Structure and Dynamics of Coronal Plumes and Inter-Plume Regions in Solar Coronal Holes Team

You can find the results of the study in the Team report (to be published on Astronomy and Astrophysics Review).

Team members click here (restricted area)

The Team was composed of 12 `core' members and three young scientists. Click here for the list of participants. In the picture, from left to right, S. Imada, A. Gabriel, S. Suess, L. Teriaca, Y.-M. Wang, N. Barbey, G. Poletto, N.-E. Raouafi, S. Giordano, L. Abbo, A. Llebaria, K. Wilhelm, L. Feng. IMG_0032_m.JPG

To get some idea what we were discussing at ISSI, you can read the working group abstract
or get some idea from the sketches below:
sketch1.jpg sketch2.jpg

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