International Team: Improving the Analysis of Solar and Stellar Observations

During the past several decades the amount of high quality solar and stellar data has exploded. These data, however, must be interpreted in the context of complex atomic processes to derive insights into the underlying physics. It is unclear how robust our inferences can be once the uncertainties in the atomic data and instrument calibration are properly accounted for. The goal of this team is to develop and apply the robust statistical techniques needed to fully understand the limits of our ability to interpret remote sensing observations.

Team members:

Harry Warren (NRL; PI)
Chloe Guennou (Columbia)
David Stenning (UCI)
David van Dyk (Imperial)
Fabio Reale (Palermo)
Frederic Auchere (Inst. Astr. Spatiale)
Giulio del Zanna (Cambridge)
Inigo Arregui (Inst. Astr. de Canarias)
Jessi Cisweski (CMU)
Mark Weber (SAO)
Nathan Stein (UPenn)
Randall Smith (SAO)
Veronique Delouille (Royal Obs. Belgium)
Vinay Kashyap (SAO)
Adam Foster (SAO)
Connor Ballance (Queen's University Belfast)


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2015 May 11-13 [@Bern]
2016 April 13-15 [@Bern]

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