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Dispersive cascade and dissipation in collisionless
space plasma turbulence – observations and simulations


     The goal of the team is to study the cascade and dissipation at small scale turbulence in different (astrophysical, interplanetary and near Earth’s) plasmas. The work will be  based on the application of the recent knowledge on this topic and the synergy between  novel data analysis of in-situ multipoint observations (Cluster, Themis) and advanced numerical simulations (AstroGK, Vlasov-Maxwell codes).


    Magnetized plasmas in the Universe are turbulent and characterized by multiple spatial and temporal scales. If the large MHD scale turbulence is relatively well-documented, the physics lying behind scales smaller than the ion gyroscale, in the dissipation range, where the ideal description of turbulence fails and the energy is dissipated, and where a second cascade may take place, in the so called dispersive range, remains an open question. Investigating plasma turbulence at these scales is important not only from a basic plasma physics point of view, but the expected results have crucial implications on various processes occurring in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas (e.g., transport and particle acceleration, plasma heating and magnetic reconnection) as well as on designing and operating future space missions (e.g., MMS, Cross-Scale, Solar Orbiter).
             Complete team proposal

Team members

        Roberto Bruno
        Vincenzo CarboneCluster
        Sandra Chapman
        Giuseppe Consolini
        Gregory G. Howes
        Khurom Kiyani
        Massimo Materassi
        Alain Noillez
        Thierry Passot

        Silvia Perri
        Fouad Sahraoui
        Luca Sorriso-Valvo

        Zoltan Vörös
        Emiliya Yordanova

Young scientists

        Peter Hunana
        Osman Kareem
        Raffaele Marino


      First meeting:    19 - 23 April 2010
     Second meeting:   13 - 17 September 2010
     Third meeting:   11 - 15 July 2011
     Fourth meeting:   7- 9 November 2011