This project will address some of the most intriguing heliospheric processes, as magnetic reconnection in the Heliospheric Current Sheet (HCS), the simultaneous appearance of small-scale and intermittent structures, the ubiquitous presence of turbulence and the subsequent acceleration of energetic particles. One may ask if this is all an essential manifestation of turbulence. Inspired by recent theoretical results and observations, the Group will concentrate on the specific study of the remarkable co-existence in space plasmas of turbulence, reconnection, dynamical structures and current sheets, and energetic particles. The important aspect will be the study of these processes as function of the heliocentric distance and latitude.

We have assembled an international team of experts in the multiple, often individually addressed, physical processes associated with the proposed project, including expertise in observations, theory and modeling simulations, to synthesize our understanding of magnetic reconnection, turbulence, structures and particle acceleration. Besides being fundamental to virtually every aspect of space science and astrophysics, this synthesis will contribute practically to further Space Weather studies and the origin of high energy particle radiation. Finally, the format and the structure of ISSI meetings lead itself to successful and efficient international collaboration for a project such as this, that aims to synthesize typically disparate studies of fundamental physical processes.

particle acceleration simulation